Annual General Meeting 20th February

Hello, everyone. The Barossa Film Club has its Annual General Meeting on 20th March at Faith Wine Education Centre at 6 45 pm. The meeting will take about 40 minutes and be finished before the screening at 7 30 pm. The main feature is Back of Beyond. FlickerFest members are members of the Barossa Film Club for three months from the date of joining and can upgrade to full year membership by paying $23 if they so wish.
Please try to come to the AGM. The committee loves to see its members showing an interest by attending the Annual General Meeting. If the meeting is still going when you arrive for the film, don’t wait outside but come in and help yourself to supper or sit down at the back and join the meeting.
Here is the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting of the Barossa Film Club at Faith Wine Education Centre at 6 45 pm on Friday 20th March 2015.
1 Welcome
2 Apologies
3 Minutes
4 Business arising from minutes
5 Treasurer’s Report
6 Film Selection Committee Report
7 President’s Report
8 Election of Officers
9 Any other business
10 Date of next meeting
Thank you to all of you who attended our opening screening and made it such an enjoyable evening and thank you to everyone who has already subscribed for 2015.
Imelda Carson, President