Another 4.3/5! “Barry Lyndon”

Stanley Kubrick’s great film, “Barry Lyndon”, was well received at the June meeting of the Barossa Film Club, with the audience giving a rating of an average 4.3 out of 5. Kubrick is certainly a gifted director: his “Clockwork Orange” and “2001” are inextricably connected to our imagined future. “Barry Lyndon” is equally of the eighteenth century. Fabulous costumes, great sets, vivid colours, everything needed to immerse the viewwer in a time of lush decadance and extreme emotions. Perhpas none of the actors rose to any great heights but they were secondary to the recreation of an exciting and fascinating period.
A very different film in July, French director Yves Robert’s “My Father’s Glory”, on 20th July.