Australian film “Four of a Kind”


An interesting Australian film from 2008 “Four of a Kind” screens on Friday 18th September. The story: a handful of people struggling with guilt and confusion find their secrets spreading farther than expected in this drama from independent filmmaker Fiona Cochrane. Gina Sturrock (Leverne McDonnell) is a police detective who is investigating the murder of a young woman. Sturrock brings wealthy housewife Anne Carson (Louise Siverson) in for an interview; Anne stubbornly denies any connection to the crime, even though the victim had been having an affair with Carson’s husband, Phillip (Michael Fry). Later that evening, Sturrock meets with her analyst, Glenda Hartley (Gail Watson), and finds herself discussing parts of her life she doesn’t often speak about, including her boyfriend Michael (Ben Steel). Without thinking about it, Hartley shares some of Sturrock’s stories with her friend Susan Riley (Nina Landis), and as secrets often do, the privileged information eventually makes its way back to Sturrock. “Four of a Kind” was adapted from a play by Helen Collins, who also wrote the film’s screenplay.
The screening will be at the Faith Wine Centre on Friday September 18th, with Slovenian short film “Can I Drive, Daddy?” showing at 7.30 and then the main feature after a break for refreshments. Enquiries to President Imelda Carson 8564 8225 or Barossa Film Club website or Facebook page.