Fast, funny and fabulopus Zatoichi

“Zatoichi”, released in 2003, was directed by and stars Takeshi Kitano, and also features Tadanabu Asano and Yui Natsukawa. It tells the story of Zatoichi, an itinerant blind masseur who comes to a remote mountain town in 19th century feudal Japan. He has a taste for drinking and gambling, but is also a master swordsman with acute hearing, cunning, quick intelligence and ultra-precise technique. When he throws in his lot with two lovely young geihas out to avenge their parents’ death, he is soon battling innumerable opponents.
This a Japanese take on the early Eastwood Westerns, and Kitano adds his own touches with slapstick, rhythmic riffing and massed tap dancing! This all sounds quite improbable but the end result is a fast, funny and fabulous film.
The movie shows on Friday October 12th at the Faith College Wine Centre. The evening opens at 7.30 pm with Irish short film “The Door”, followed by “Zatoichi” after a break for supper. Everybody is welcome, with free entry for Film Club members and a requested donation of $6 for non-members to help cover costs.