Great films for first screening of 2014

An enthusiastic audience thoroughly enjoyed our first presentation for 2014. We were most fortunate to have the Director, Michael Cusack,present to explain the painstaking mysteries of animated film-making, when we showed “Sleight of Hand”, a highly awarded outstanding example of the genre. He displayed some of the models used in the film and explained the techniques before the film and before the showing of the main feature, We can be very proud of the fact that a South Australian stdio is making films of this calibre.
Most people enjoyed the main feature “on the Town”, giving it an average rating of 3.8 out of 5. As with many movies of that period, the story-line was secondary to the singing and dancing – which was excellent. “On the Town” started as a stage musical and this showed. It is always fascinating to see how stars like Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly and Ann Miller developed in their future careers.