I’ve Loved You So Long in September

I,ve Loved You So Long
One of the great French films, 2009’s “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime” (“I’ve Loved You So Long”) directed by Philipe Claudel, with superb performances by Kristin Scott Thomas and Elsa Zylberstein, will show on Friday 19th September. Their relationship fractured when older sister Julietteb (scoot Thomas) is sentenced to 15 years in prison, two siblings wage an emotional battle to rebuild their relationship, overcome the secrets that keep them apart, and finally express the thoughts that have lain dormant for well over a decade. The moment Juliette was convicted, her parents declared that they wanted nothing to do with her. Now, after 15 years behind bars, Juliette is a free woman and in desperate need of a human connection. When Juliette’s younger sister, Léa (Zylberstein), is approached by a prison social worker and asked if she would be willing to provide her recently paroled sibling with a place to live, she doesn’t hesitate to open her doors and share her home. But Léa is happily married with two adopted daughters, and her husband, Luc, is uneasy with the arrangement. Still, the house is large, the couple is used to having company, and the two young girls are thrilled to have a new aunt. As Juliette gets settled, Léa does her best to make her feel welcome. Likewise, Léa’s colleague Michel and emigrant couple Samir and Kaïsha also offer to help Juliette readjust to life on the outside. Along the way, Juliette slowly begins to emerge from her shell and Léa realizes just how much she missed her sister. Perhaps if she can put aside her feelings of guilt long enough to truly understand her sister’s plight, these two strangers can finally remember what it means to be family. This a great movie and rewarding viewing.
The evening will commence with Australian short film “Chicken of God” at 7.30 pm, and then the main film after a break for refreshments. Showing at Faith College Wine Centre on Friday 19th September, everybody is most welcome to join us.