June screening “The Soft Skin”

The Soft Skin poster
“la Peau Douce” (“The Soft Skin”) is a 1964 release from France directed by the great Francois Truffaut. This is a simple tale of revenge and adultery which features an exceptional musical score by Georges Delerue. The story concerns a love affair between successful literary magazine editor Pierre Lachenay (Jean Desailly) and alluring airline stewardess, Nicole Chomette (Francoise Dorleac). They meet on a flight to Lisbon, where Pierre is scheduled to deliver a lecture. When he returns to Paris, they continue their affair, but find it is difficult to set up their clandestine trysts, so Pierre arranges a lecture trip to Riems, where they can be together. In Riems however, Pierre finds it difficult to keep the affair a secret from his lecture sponsors. Upon his return to Paris, his wife Franca (Nelly Benedetti), suspicious her husband is having an affair, quarrels with Pierre, who leaves her and asks Nicole to marry him. Nicole refuses his proposition and Pierre attempts to reconcile with his wife. But Nelly, with a gun in her bag, is en route to surprise Pierre at his favorite restaurant for a final confrontation.
Film critic Edwin Kohn called “The Soft Skin” “the Truffaut masterpiece you haven’t seen”
Screening on Friday 20th June, the evening will open with Australian short “Am I OK at 7.30 pm, and then the main feature after a break for refreshments. All welcome – at the Faith Wine Centre, doors open 7 pm.