“Kiss Me Kate” a smash!

The June screening of the 1953 film “Kiss Me Kate” was a huge success. We had a larger crowd than normal, augmented with the members of the Rotary Club, who obviously enjoyed the film – and also generously supplied some lovely wine and cheese. The audience gave the film an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, which reflects the great entertainment qualities of the show. Made 60 years ago in 1953, the songs by Cole Porter were excellent and witty and there were some very funny scenes, accompanied by some athletic and toe-tapping dancing – Anne Miller can MOVE! And who could forget comedians such as Keenan Wynn and Bob Fosse playing gangsters and singing “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” with heavy Brooklyn-ese accents. An interesting aside is that this was one of the first movies made in 3D and certainly the colours and clarity were outstanding for such an old film (Baz Luhrmann’s new film “Great Gatsby” is also in 3D which does not require the glasses to view, so it will be an interesting comparison).