“Kitchen Stories” ends season on a funny note

Kitchen Stories
A very funny film from Scandinavia, “Kitchen Stories” ends the 2013 season for the Film Club. Directed by Bent Hamer and starring Joachim Calmeyer and Tomas Norstrom. this 2003 movie is a classic example of two uncharismatic actors totally engaging our sympathies.
Director Bent Hamer’s comedy drama Salmer Fra Kjøkkenet (Kitchen Stories) is based on the real-life social experiments conducted in Sweden during the 1950s. In the years following WWII, a research institute sets out to modernize the home kitchen by observing a handful of rural Norwegian bachelors. In the small town of Landstad, middle-aged Isak (Joachim Calmeyer) is one such research subject who regrets ever agreeing to participate in the study. Nevertheless, he is observed by Folke (Tomas Norström), and the two develop a strange friendship until the observer becomes sick. This causes a problem with Folke’s boss (Reine Brynolfsson) and Isak’s friend Grant (Bjørn Floberg).
The evening will open with short Irish film “Noreen” at 7.30 pm at the Faith Wine Centre on Friday 15th November, followed by the main feature after a break for wine and cheese.
Members and guests are most welcome.