May screening “Disgrace”

Barossa Film Club is showing a powerful Australian drama “Disgrace”, made in 2008, directed by Steve Jacobs, and starring John Malkovich. Based on J.M. Coetzee’s Booker-winning novel, it tells the story of Cape Town professor David Lurie, who blatantly refuses to defend himself for an affair with a coloured student whom he gave a passing grade for an exam she didn’t even attend. Dismissed, he moves to his daughter Lucy’s farm, which she runs under most disadvantaged terms, favouring the black locals. Yet rowdies, unprovoked, violently rob and abuse them both. Lucy refuses to fight back, unlike David, who is surprised by his own altruistic potential.Disgrace
This is an enormously complicated story with great potential for reductive schmaltz, but this is avoided thanks to Anna Maria Monticelli’s sharp, sensitive screenplay and superb performances from Jessica Haines and, particularly, Malkovich as Lurie, a self-described ‘beast’ as isolated and conflicted as the country he inhabits.
The film will show at the Faith College Wine Centre on Friday 20th May. The evening commences at 7.30 pm with a short movie, then a break for refreshments, followed by the main film. Film Club membership is obtainable at the door. For a preview of “Disgrace” visit the Barossa Film Club website or Facebook page or obtain more details from President Imelda Carson on telephone 8564 8225.