“My Father’s Glory” showing 20th July

This 1990 French film was directed by Yves Robert and stars Philippe Caubere and Nathalie Roussel. It is the first part of Marcel Pagnol’s autobiogra[phy, and depicts a young boy’s life in turn-of-the-century France. He witnesses the successes of his teacher father and his arrogant Uncle Jules, spends a family summer vacation in a cottage in Provence and is taught the secrets of the hills in Provence from a local boy whon he befriends.
This is a film of small pleasures, and is most interesting in its exploration of the dynamics of family life. The characters are interesting, the landscapes are gorgeous and the story-telling is excellent.
The Australian short film “I Love Sarah Jane” shows at 7.30 at the Wine Centre at Faith College, followed by “My Father’s Glory” after an interval. All welcome.