Powerful French Film “Far From Home”

Barossa Film Club is screening “Loin Des Hommes (Far From Men)”, a 2014 French film directed by David Oelhoffen and starring Vigo Mortensen and Reda Kateb on Friday 21st September at 7.30 pm at Faith College Wine Centre.
It is 1954, the Algerian war is beginning and village schoolteacher Daru (Viggo Mortensen), an ex-French Army soldier, is caught in the crossfire. Born in Algeria but Spanish by lineage, he’s a man out of time and place, perceived as alien by both locals and colonisers alike. So when he reluctantly agrees to escort the dissident Mohamed (Reda Kateb) to a regional police station to face trial for murder, a series of incidents and revelations force the question of where Daru’s loyalties truly lie.
As critic Louise Keller said, “It is with great subtlety that this affecting tale of courage and honour plays out. Based on Albert Camus’ short story The Guest (L’Hote) and set on a western backdrop, director David Oelhoffen has effectively crafted a drama about morality. The landscape is remote and barren, allowing the characters’ dilemmas to be isolated from society as a whole. Donning the mantle of a decent man, Viggo Mortensen is remarkable – in part because of the absence of remarkability of his character, a humble village schoolteacher forced to the crossroads, quietly displaying his despair of killing, respect for humanity and gratitude for living. Mortensen is always remarkable, notwithstanding this is his first French language film, delivered (together with Arabic and Spanish) with consummate ease.”
The evening will commence at 7.30 pm with a short film and the main feature after a break for refreshments. Admission is free for Film Club members and membership is obtainable at the door.