Powerful Polish film screens in April

Barossa Film Club’s film screening for April is “Katyn”, a powerful film from Poland about one of the tragic events of World War Two. In the spring of 1940, following the invasion of Poland by Russia’s Red Army in 1939, up to 20,000 Polish officers and soldiers were executed by Stalin’s secret police. The men were imprisoned in three POW camps, one of which was based in the Katyn forest. Working from a novel by Andrzej Mularczyk and real life accounts, “Katyn” tells the story of four fictional families, forever separated from one another in 1939. A brutal and devastating work, it also received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language Film in 2008.
Director Andrzej Wajda was 83 when he made this film, and is the son of one of the victims of this tragedy. Critic Danusha Goska said, “When a movie is named “Katyn” the viewer knows how it will end; it’s kind of like a movie named “Auschwitz” or “Kolyma” or “Wounded Knee.” There isn’t going to be a surprise ending. I was still surprised by the ending, by how courageous and moving I found it. Once again, Andrzej Wajda managed to wow the film-goer in me. And he managed to move the human in me. See “Katyn.” See a movie you can respect, a movie that is worth your time.”
“Katyn” will be screened at the Faith College Wine Centre on Friday 13th April. The evening will commence with a short film at 7.30 pm, followed by a short break and then the main feature. Admission is free to Barossa Film Club members, and membership can be obtained at the door. A trailer of the film can be viewed on the website barossa.filmclub.org.au. For further details ring President Imelda Carson on 8564 8225.