“Senna” screens 18th March

Senna Poster
“Senna” (2010) is a documentary directed by Asif Kapadia and produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and James Gay-Rees. It was written by Manish Pandey and stars Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Frank Williams and Ron Dennis..
Senna begins quietly, without foreshadowing or bombast, or Icarus analogies, or talking heads. There’s only aural commentary from those who knew Ayrton Senna, the magically confident Brazilian Formula 1 driver who arrived on the scene in 1984. His rise was meteoric, but this great documentary stays grounded, following his career path with steady introspection, race by race, season by season.
There’s no way Asif Kapadia’s movie could fail to satisfy racing fans, particularly those who remember the heady days of Senna’s ascendancy. The narrative is just too strong, particularly the clash of sensibilities with his great rival Alain Prost, ice to Senna’s fire; the cockpit footage through chicanes and dog-legs, much of it previously unseen, puts us in each fraught moment. The shaping of Senna’s story is so methodical and contained that it achieves a mournful scope.
Winner of a BAFTA Award and numerous other awards and distinctions, “Senna” will screen on Friday March 18th at the Faith Wine Centre. The evening will commence at 6.45 pm with the Film Club Annual General Meeting, a short film at 7.30 pm, then a break for refreshments and the main film will screen. Membership for the year will be available at the door. Inquiries to President Imelda Carson on 8564 8225.