Thought-provoking “The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas” to show in May

This film approaches the Holocaust from the perspective of eight=year old Bruno. When his SS father is promoted to a post in the country, Bruno finds his new home, away from his friends in Berlin, ratrher lonely, especially as he is forbidden to go near an adjoining farm, where all the farmers and the children wear striped pyjmas. Sneaking away from his mother, Bruno finds himself up against a barbed wire fence, on the other side of which is another boy, Shmuel.
This 2008 film was directed by Mark Herman and stars Asa Butterfield, David Thewlis and Rupert Friend. The cinematography is excellent, and the performances are impressive, particularly by the two boys and the mother. There are times when the story lacks subtlety, but ultimately it is a moving and life-affirming film.
The preceding short film is the Australian “Yolk” and commences at 7.30 pm on Friday 18th May at Faith Wine Centre. The main film will show after a short break for refreshments.