Indian film “Panther Panchali” screens March 15

Panther Panchali Poster

On 25th March the Club will screen a ground-breaking film “Panther Panchali” or “Song of the Little Road”, directed by Satayajit Ray. It was ground-breaking because it was the first Indian film to stir any real interest in Europe or America. Made in 1955, it tells the simple tale of Apu, a child of a small family eking out an existence in a ramshackle Bengal village, displaying Ray’s eye for visual poetry.
The evening will open at 6.45 pm on Friday March 15 at the Faith Wine Centre, when the Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held, followed by short Australian film “Spider” at 7.30 pm, a break for refreshments, and then the main feature. Both members and visitors are most welcome.