Academy award winning Argentinian film screens in July

Barossa Film Club is showing a 1985 Argentinean film next Friday 16th July. “La Historia Officiall” or “The Official Story” was stars Norma Aleandro, Hector Alterio and Chunchuna Villafane. The film won an Academy Award for best Foreign Film.
In this powerful film, Director Luis Puenzo tells the story of a teacher’s awakening to conscience at the end of Argentina’s “Dirty War” of the late 70s and early 80s. As in Pinochet’s Chile, the military secret police sought to consolidate their power by routinely torturing and murdering students, political activists, opponents of the regime, and even expectant mothers. Many ended up as desaparecidos, people taken by the government and not returned. The film is about one mother’s search for the truth about her adopted daughter and her discovery brings harsh political reality very close to home.
As renowned critic Roger Ebert wrote, “The Official Story” is part polemic, part thriller, part tragedy. It belongs on the list with films like “Z” “Missing” and “El Norte” which examine the human aspects of political unrest. It is a movie that asks some very hard questions. Should Alicia search for the real mother of her daughter? Is her own love no less real? What would be “best” for the little girl?
“The Official Story” will screen on Friday at 7.30 pm at the Faith College Wine Centre, Magnolia Road, Tanunda, with the doors opening at 7 pm. Admission is free for Film Club Members, and membership is obtainable at the door. Due to covid restrictions, seating is limited and attendees must book with front-of-house Allan Pearce on 0417 002 708 or email allan_jill