Stirring Norwegian wartime drama next screening

“The King’s Choice” (“Kongens Mai”) is a film made in 2017. Directed by Erik Poppe and starring Jesper Christensen and Anders Baasmo, it based on the true story of three dramatic days in April, 1940, when the King of Norway is presented with an ultimatum from the German armed forces: surrender or die. The Royal family is forced to flee Oslo to escape the Nazi soldiers.
Film critic Allan Turan said, “Strongly performed by unfamiliar actors and crisply directed by Norway’s Erik Poppe, “The King’s Choice” is a dramatic tale about a pivotal World War II moment, a story infused with tension and psychological conflict that’s all the more engrossing for being fresh to us. The king in question is Norway’s Haakon VII, and the choice he came to during three hectic days in April of 1940 not only determined his country’s specific fate during the war, it speaks to broader questions about the moral role of leaders, whether they be constitutional monarchs or not.As written by Jan Trygve Royneland and Harald Rosenlow-Eeg, “The King’s Choice” gives short shrift to hindsight. Its intent is to show us how difficult it is to see clearly during times of crisis, how what seems as simple as black and white today was the source of uncertainty and soul-searching when it happened.”
The film will be shown at the Faith College Wine Centre on Friday 21st May commencing at 7.30 pm (Doors open at 7 pm). Because of covid restrictions, it is necessary to book in advance, by contacting Allan Pearce on 0417002708 or email Admission is free to members and membership is obtainable at the door.