We’re seventeen!

Barossa Film Club has reached a significant milestone of seventeen seasons since it was founded in 20o3 by long time Barossa resident and arts supporter, Paddy Carter, as a branch of the Barossa Arts Council.  The very first film was screened on 21st February 2003 in the Brenton Langbein Theatre (part of the Faith Secondary College).  The short film was “James Joyce – Poet and novelist” made in UK in 1988 and the main feature was a Chinese film “Ju Dou” directed by Zhang Yi_mou and released in 1993.  The April feature was 1997 French film “Ridicule” and the next screening was the 1997 Mike Leigh film from the UK, “Topsy Turvy”.

Initially, there were six screenings for the year and annual membership subscription was $30.  There was an enthusiastic take-up of membership by 48 people and it is interesting that there are 4 people who are still members 17 years later:  Paddy Carter (who is a life member), Susan Raven, Ingrid Glastonbury and Pam O’Donnell.

Obviously, this initial format has been successful.  The Club’s annual membership fee is now $35, which includes ten screenings, and films are still shown at the Faith College, albeit in the Wine Centre rather than the theatre.  We are still a branch of the Barossa Arts Council and our emphasis is still on films which are interesting because of their historical value or their rarity or their intellectual value.  Members still debate the merits of the films shown which can lead to some interesting discussions.

Our first screening for 2020 will be on 21st February, with the acclaimed Taiwanese film “Eat Drink Man Woman”.  Wine and cheese will be offered to attendees, as at our last meeting in November ( a delicious spread of coffee and cake is available at our other meetings0.  The evening commences with a short film at 7.30 pm and then the main feature is shown after a break for refreshments.  Membership is obtainable at the door.